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Salnostrun has prepared a range of salts to be taken into account when cooking, not to be merely a “cooking salt”, but to become “a salt to cook with” which amounts to having a miniature larder so as to be able to enjoy Mediterranean flavours anywhere in the world. Iberian ham, Palamos Prawns, l’Escala anchovies, wine from the Merlot Penedes variety and the peel of Mediterranean oranges are dehydrated, and then mixed in the adequate proportion with one of the best salts in the world - considered as the caviar of the salts – as a preserving agent. When using them, one is cooking with these ingredients and as they are of the highest quality they shall enhance the dishes to be prepared, and the aroma from the salts shall permeate the preparation from the very beginning, thus multiplying the flavours. These salts shall be from now on one more ingredient to be taken into account in the recipe.

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Paulina Vergés

Multidisciplinary writer with artistic sensitivity, illustrator of children's stories, author of children’ books and culinary themes, she is primarily a creative cook. She has published, in particular, the cookbook 'Receptes entrelligades' which is a research into the skill of handling ingredients to prepare different dishes. A frequent presence in radio broadcasting on cooking issues, she hosts a seminar in Palafrugell on home cooking. In her culinary career, ingredients are central in a constant search for simple and fine recipes.